Willy Verbrugghe

Mr. Willy Verbrugghe is the ex-chairman of the city of Houston Mayor International Trade and Development Council for Europe. He also served as the Chairman of the Belgian American Chamber of Commerce of Texas and the Southwest and as Chairman of TransCap, a company that helps young entrepreneurs to take their start-up to the next level.
He is also on the board of the World Chamber of Commerce of Texas.

Mr. Verbrugghe worked for seventeen years for Westinghouse building Nuclear Power Plants in Europe and around the world. He was responsible for the transfer of Nuclear Technology to seventeen licenses around the world.  He subsequently ran six companies as President and CEO, all in the Industrial Manufacturing Technology space with more than 200 operations and profit and loss centers in over 180 countries in the world while leading more than 20,000 people in Quality Value Creation. He is now retired but was a serial entrepreneur who established and developed four technology-driven companies until his retirement.

He is highly educated and has three masters’ degrees in the following disciplines:
⦁ Electronics Engineering and Semiconductors.
⦁ Nuclear Sciences, Technology, and Radioprotection.
⦁ Business, Finances, Marketing, and Operations Optimization.

Verbrugghe was born in Belgium; he speaks seven different languages and has lived in five different countries. He is happily married for forty years now to his best friend, and together they have three children who have given them lovely grandkids. Verbrugghe is now Chief Spoiling Officer (CSO) for their nine grandchildren.